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Doing business with Ampacked

  • Production planning and associated joint contractual agreement, between the Customer and Ampacked, must be completed 4 weeks prior to the commencement of each contract.
  • All Customers must supply a detailed Job Specification for quotation purposes, detailing all products requirements.
  • Ampacked can provide their preferred Job Specification format on request.
  • Following the submission of the Job Specification Ampacked will provide an official quotation; each job quotation is valid only for the term of each contract.
  • Prior to production commencing the customer and Ampacked must jointly sign off the Job Specification, job quotation and production contract.
  • Storage both Non Temperature and Temperature controlled will be charged by the CBM per day.
  • Customers nominate their storage requirements on a job by job basis.
  • Storage charges will be quoted once the customers have nominated their storage requirements.
  • Co-ordination of deliveries to Bonded Warehouse Xinhui is the responsibility of each customer’s suppliers.
  • Bonded Warehouse Xinhui Delivery contact details will be supplied to customers with their quotation.
  • Ampacked take responsibility for goods on receipt of the goods into the Bonded Warehouse Xinhui.
  • On completion of the packaging contract Ampacked can supply documentation to aid in the traceability of products.
  • Please note; we “cannot” keep retention samples from production, this task is the responsibility of each customer.


Justin Fengels
Justin Fengels Managing Director, Universal Candy
We have been dealing with Ampacked (Packing House) since July 2010. During this time we found them to be a proactive and creative partner fully supporting our endeavours in creating and packaging christmas stockings.

We currently work with Ampacked on Seasonal Products and have a great working relationship. As these particular projects have many facets and can be very tricky we are happy that Ampacked achieved our deadlines and have been easy to work with.

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